roger-lane-moticational-training-servicesRoger Lane

Roger termed the quote ‘If you have a desire to succeed and, as yet you have not, then try a different route’. Occasionally, we know where we want to be or what it is we aspire to, however we do not know how to achieve that outcome. Roger is dedicated to helping people achieve that goal from personal life to sport and business.

He has provided motivational training services and led, managed and inspired individuals into becoming great assets to their company, having coached, mentored and motivated those to be able to more easily realise their goal.

You can contact Roger via email or call +44 (0)7971 488 643.

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joyce-elwen-moticational-training-servicesJoyce Elwen

Joyce is passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve their fullest potential and become the best they can be. Throughout her career, she has helped many individuals achieve things they never thought were possible and has shown them how to believe in themselves and have a “can do” attitude which has been life-changing for all involved.

She has transformed and inspired dysfunctional teams into becoming high performing, successful and motivated teams through coaching, training and retaining precious talent.

You can contact Joyce via email or call +44 (0)7831 597 143.

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Having lived what seems a lifetime of self doubt and feeling inadequate, in one session alone Joyce has brought about in me hope and positivity for the future… — John H, Birmingham


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