Sports performance

Sports performance and motivational coaching

Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you noticed how some athletes, sportsmen and women, have the ability to come from behind and win against all odds?

It is all about mind set and motivation. Some of the target areas in the training are motivation, goal setting, focus, stress management and modelling. You will also be coached on crossing thresholds and how to help your performance to flow. If you are a professional or an amateur who is serious about achieving your full potential, I can help you. I can inspire, motivate and help you achieve your goals.

Roger is a licensed sports performance coach ™ who understands the meaning of training hard. If your mind set needs refreshing, motivating, focus and direction, then he can help you.icon31

Coaching to:

  • Get an athlete into Flow
  • Go past a threshold
  • Model strategies from others and improve your own
  • Create a Winning Mind Design
  • Help athletes cope with pressure
  • Understand mental preferences
  • Use Advanced Coaching through the Coaching Matrix™
  • Use deep relaxation therapy for Deep Impact and Relaxation to help an athlete achieve their goals
  • Team and individual coaching available

It’s just that simple!

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