Professional Influencing

Professional Influencing Skills Workshop

People are influenced when they perceive that someone is suggesting an approach or a course of action which is in line with their own objectives, and more importantly in line with their values and beliefs. In order to understand how to influence other people we must know how to develop a credible and persuasive case, which when we communicate in such a way that the other person can relate to. Most of us are quite skilled in the former, and much less skilled in the latter

The Influencing Process

how to influence people

This course will show you how to create influencing rapport with your client, and how to converse with them through primary representational systems in a way that they best understand. It will also cover eye accessing cues and body language which will enable you to make more informed decisions on how best to close the meeting in the most beneficial way to suit your desired outcome.

A course manual is used to support this workshop.

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